Resume Writing Services

Resume writing is critical in controlling the image you present to employers. The stronger the skill and experience descriptions are in your resume--the higher the number of interviews and salary offers you will receive.

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Cover Letter

A Resume cover letter is a one-page document that is designed to introduce and explain submitted material such as a job application. Drafting a cover letter is challenging work, as it must cleanly and elegantly sell the accompanying material along with its author. Some people seek professional help when assembling a cover letter...

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Resume Distribution

Resume distribution helps to recruiters and employers may well improve your chances of getting a new position. In this day and age, employment agencies and recruiters are the quickest and most comfortable means for finding a job and improve your chances of getting a new position.

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  • Quotes

    Few (if any) resumes use quotes.
    As mentioned previously, this powerful technique is one of the reasons all resumes are guaranteed to produce results. Why?

    1.- Quotes do more than just prove your claims. They make employers curious about you. Which makes them more likely to call and find out more. And this is what resume writing is all about!

    2.- You may not be able to find written quotes. That's OK. Try to recall good things that managers/clients have said about you.As long as they really said it, you can use these indirect quotes in the resume.

    Example indirect quote:

    1,Cited by supervisor for problem-solving skills and ability to train staff.

    Other facts

    If space allows, you can include an Other Facts section to combine good things about you that don't fit in other parts of the resume.

    We recommend you put this section last, to finish the resume with a bang.
    Follow this format:


    1,Languages: Arabic, French and English (fluent).

    2,Computer skills include Windows, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Internet research.